Why Uniforms are a More Sustainable Choice

18 October 2021

Wearing a team uniform has more benefits than you might think, including evolving the sense of teamwork, creating equality within the workplace, and improving business sustainability.

Although some employees may roll their eyes at the idea, here are some of the many advantages to having a set, sustainable uniform for your business that includes improving your environmental footprint.

Environmental factors

The concept of fast fashion is reaching alarming new levels. Statistics show that each Australian consumes an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing per year and disposes an average of 23 kilograms of clothing to landfill each year, or 93 per cent of the textile waste we generate. However, with the regular use of uniforms, your business is doing its part in reducing these numbers.

Uniforms decrease the amount individuals need to purchase additional workwear; therefore, less money is spent in the fast fashion industry. The fast-fashion industry can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing that is sold in stores that has the tendency to go out of style and quickly become unworn and unused. The contrary of this is investing in more durable pieces that are likely to last you and your team a lot longer. Durability equals sustainability as items do not need to be replaced as often, which decreases the need to make purchases.

When ordering clothes online, it is important to think of the entire footprint each time you make an order. Packaging and delivery are also important to consider as they can further negatively impact your environmental footprint. This is because heavy vehicles such as trucks also contribute considerably to climate change through their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Uniforms can be ordered in bulk, less frequently to allow for fewer deliveries as most garments are lightweight and ambient, large quantities can be shipped at a time, making transport less of a priority regarding environmental impacts.

Additionally, waste can be further minimalised when mass producing uniforms as waste from off-cuts and design patterns are reduced when making more than one garment. As mentioned above, ordering in larger quantities results in reduced waste from packaging, labelling, and ordering materials.

The concept of fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment, consequently, removing the temptation of fast fashion from employees by providing high quality, sustainable pieces will enable your business to improve your sustainability footprint overall.

Each employee can improve their own sustainability footprint by wearing uniforms and changing their mindset to “it’s chic to repeat!”. Having a comfortable uniform that is suitable for each employee will result in more wears. More wears are better for the environment as more pieces are not purchased as often. Additionally, training your employees to take care of their uniform and look after them well with regards to laundry and care removes the need to make additional purchases due to wear and tear, further improving clothing waste.

Wearing uniforms has benefits that stem beyond sustainability, that you might not have discovered yet. The way they represent your business, create advertising opportunities to promote your brand, enhance business values, and create equality within the workplace are all concepts created by simply wearing a uniform.

Ease of dressing

In the business world, we all know that times can get very busy. Choosing what to wear each day is one extra time-consuming task. Therefore, having a set uniform saves time and increases ease for everyone. Additionally, having uniforms enables a seamless look between all employees, creating a cohesive team look. However, you don’t have to have a large team to wear a uniform, if you work for yourself, having a set work uniform can save you time and trouble the same way as it does for larger teams. This notion extends to help differentiate between work/off work time and ensure a work/life balance.

Putting on a uniform signals to your body and mind that it’s time to enter work mode!

Brand Identity and Awareness

Uniforms can be a great asset to contribute to your business’s identity and overall brand awareness. Choosing elements such as style, fit, pattern and colour can reflect your business’s nature and attributes. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional business image that attracts and helps retain customers. Therefore, choosing a uniform that represents the way you want your consumers to view your business is essential. Additionally, corporate logos and symbols can help establish your business in the mind of consumers. Having a clear logo on uniforms can assist with overall brand recognition, allowing consumers to recognise your branding.


Uniforms essentially act as free advertising as well-designed uniforms have the potential to be ‘walking billboards'. Uniforms can include phone numbers, contact methods or even what the business does, resulting in a simple walk down the street being advertising.

Employee benefits

As mentioned above, the use of uniforms enables staff members to make fewer purchases in the clothing industry, resulting in money being saved for each employee. Another employee benefit includes equality in the workplace, With the use of uniforms, the competitiveness that sometimes follows clothing worn is removed. As everyone is dressed the same, there is no room for comparison or judgement, which enables employees to be set on an even playing field before work even begins. Furthermore, uniform creates gender equality within the workplace as stigma is pushed aside when all staff members are wearing the same attire.


Many uniforms are carefully designed and curated with employee safety in mind. For example, a lot of corporate garments are tested for UPF rating to assist with sun protection. There are many corporate jobs that require the employee to be outdoors sometimes, including real estate agents, architects, council workers, and hospitality staff who have indoor and outdoor seating to serve. Having this protection in a uniform is a great way to ensure the wellbeing and overall satisfaction amongst all employees.

Overall, uniforms are a great investment for your business and your sustainability footprint. Making conscious, planned orders enables you to make decisions that fit your team whilst doing your part to help the environment.

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